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Sawing logs in Tennessee

This past weeks sawing on the road was amazing. I'm blessed to be able to go all over middle TN and see the beautiful rural parts of this state. I'm also blessed that I have the ability to take this sawmill and custom cut lumber for landowners that are planning to use for project on their property. We started off the week in Sparta, TN near the Ragland bottom area on the Caney Fork River, if you have ever had the opportunity to visit this area then you know how beautiful it is. I sawed Eastern Red Cedar logs from several trees that had been push over by storms. The trees had been on the property for many years. I was able to saw custom boards for the family and they were planning to make a bed and some furniture for their house.

It was an honor and privilege to be able to help these guys and educate them on the process they should follow for a successful outcome.


College Grove, TN

I also had the opportunity to visit the College Grove area and saw for a family that had cleared some land to add a garden plot and small pasture. They saved the logs and I was able to saw out custom boards, benches and slabs from the logs.

They had Black Walnut and Red Oak. I made a bench with a curved logs so they could use around their fire pit.


Have a great week and go create your own happiness because if you are waiting on someone else to do it for you then you will be disappointed consistently.

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