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Harvesting Sustainability: Responsible Timbers latest projects

Having the creativity and ability to take a log destined for the burn pile and make it into something beautiful is truly an honor. In this big government, big corporation world I feel like we need more art. If you can create art in your trade or profession then you are winning. Seth Godin talks about this in his book, Linchpin. Fantastic read by the way.

Recently, we worked on a project for a customer that was given Yellow pine logs. He decided to have the logs milled to use for outdoor furniture for his family, showcasing the custom nature of our work and our sustainability focus. He took it a step further and torched the wood giving it a unique and rustic look. This also preserves the wood.

Then, he had the idea of taking the cut offs we milled from squaring the logs and made these campfire chairs. I was like WOW!!.. never thought of that but that's brilliant.

We also collaborated with Coburn’s Exclusive, a renowned metal fabricator, by milling slabs from logs they saved during land clearing for expansion. These guys plan to utilize the milled slabs for their projects, demonstrating the versatility of timber and the positive impact of responsible milling practices. We hope to partner with these guys in the future to work on creative projects.

What am I reading? 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari. Yuval is the author of Sapiens and this book will have you looking at your fellow humans in a very different way. Nevertheless, what has intrigued me in the book so far in the is his concern about AI, it can be a great tool and help people across the world to get information about medical procedures in third world countries which benefits humanity. However, humanity has never encountered something that can make independent decisions for humanity. Are we going to become even lazier as a society and rely on AI to tell us what to do, and make decisions for us? I read that many high school kids are asking AI what they should major in when they attend college. Are we headed down a bad path? Think for yourself, listen to your gut, and create art.

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