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From Trees to Treasure: Unveiling the beauty of Black Walnut and Cherry

My journey began with a request from a homeowner who envisioned adding the rich, dark tones of black walnut to their living space. They had cleared an area where their home is being built and saved some of the logs to incorporate into the build. I had the opportunity to partner again with my buddy Tad Derrickson, owner of TN Tree.

The slabs he cut were nothing short of stunning, destined to become heirloom pieces in the clients new home. Each cut revealed intricate grain patterns and a depth of character that only nature can provide.

Next on my agenda was harvesting cherry logs for dimensional lumber. Cherry wood, known for its warm hues and excellent workability. On this particular project I collaborated with a cabinet maker. The cherry tree we sourced had fallen victim to storm damage, highlighting the resilience and resourcefulness of nature. Salvaging this wood not only provided a sustainable solution but also imbued the lumber with a unique story and character.

The prior week we had the privilege of taking a honey locust tree and turning it into some amazing boards and live edge pieces the homeowner is planning to use in their home for accent pieces.

What have I been reading and doing the last couple weeks?

We home school our daughter and trust me it has its challenges some days. Nevertheless, watching the joy in you child's eyes when they solve a problem is one of the greatest feelings I can have as a parent. This is one of the many reasons we home school. You have an opportunity to build a bond with your kids when you home school. I would never experience that if my kid was in the public or private school system. I know most people can't home school their children but we are very grateful for this privilege.

What have I been reading? The real estate side of my brain has been itching so I have been trying to scratch that lately. I have been re-reading Rental Property Investing by Brandon Turner. Great resource for investing in real estate and understanding property management. I used a lot of the information in this book to help me with my first three rental properties. I have owned those for 4 years now. Does anyone have any extra money around they want to put it to work in real estate? I'm looking for a partner. Let me know. Make it a great week and go create your on luck!

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