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Embracing the Craft: A Journey through Recent Sawmill Adventures

In the heart of the woodworking world, where the scent of fresh timber fills the air and the hum of my sawmill echos, my recent sawmill activities have been an amazing journey. Just before the snow hit us in Middle TN, I had the opportunity to process cedar, craft red oak beams, and produce oak boards for barn siding.

Cedar, with its distinct grain patterns and rich hues, lends itself perfectly to a variety of applications. From outdoor furniture to decking and siding, the possibilities are as vast as the forest itself.

Known for its strength and resilience, red oak is a popular choice for structural elements such as beams. Red oak beams, with their distinctive grain patterns and warm tones, become the backbone of many architectural marvels. From supporting the framework of barns to creating awe-inspiring interiors, these beams are a testament to the enduring legacy of red oak.

Oak boards, with their weather-resistant properties and timeless appeal, shield barns from the elements. Oak has been used for decades for barn siding.

My sawmill, a haven for craftsmanship, continues to breathe life into raw timber, transforming it into works of art that stand the test of time. Follow me on this journey and learn a little about sawing logs, life, happiness and nature. Please share!

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