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Creating Art with my sawmill

My portable sawmill has been buzzing and slicing logs that were headed to the burn pile over the last week. I was able to take these logs and create usable lumber. Despite the ash logs being irregular in shape, our creative prowess allowed us to turn them into unique and artistic creations, showcasing the versatility of our equipment and skills. Needless to say I had a little fun pretending it was a surfboard.

We were able to take cedar logs and mill it into custom lumber for a client to use in a project for his daughters wedding. He is planning to build a door and entry way for her special day.

We also sawed up some cherry from a farm that had storm damaged trees, the homeowner is planning to build a table and other items for their future home.

It's been a fulfilling time filled with the natural beauty of wood and the joy of creating meaningful pieces for cherished occasions and everyday use.

Let us know if you need portable sawmill work or if you have irregular shaped logs, we might be able to help you. Keep Well!!

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