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A week with the Mill: Crafting beauty from Cedar, Osage Orange and Ash Logs

The last couple weeks been a whirlwind of sawdust at Responsible Timber, where our portable sawmill transformed cedar and ash logs into exquisite lumber.

Kicked off the year in McMinnville, TN where I sawed some beautiful Eastern Red Cedar into live edge slabs and I sawed a tree in half to be used as a feature in the homeowners new house.

Sawing a tree in half on a band saw mill is no easy task, but we were able to get it done.

We also had the opportunity to saw a couple days at my shop. We sawed some Ash for a customer that is planning to use it for trim in a house he is building. We also slabbed out some Osage Orange, man that stuff is hard but beautiful.

That blade has been humming but we are committed to getting these logs repurposed for our clients.

Visit the website for information about our services:

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